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Installation Choices

1. Poured Concrete 

The tubing is tied to the rebar in the concrete slab. This is suitable for new construction and additions. The concrete has a high thermal mass and feels warm to the touch. 

2. Above Floor Lightweight Concrete 

The tubing is attached on top of the sub-floor and covered in lightweight concrete. This is suitable for new construction and some whole house remodels. 

3. Above Floor Sleeper System 

The tubing is installed in the gaps between the plywood sleepers with aluminum heat distribution plates. Best suited in remodels where the flooring is being replaced and access from below is limited. 

4. Staple-Up from Below 

This is the best option when retrofitting radiant floor heating into an existing home given sufficient crawlspace or basement access. The tubing is run between the floor joists and attached to the bottom of the subfloor with aluminum heat distribution plates made from recycled printing plates.


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