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“Thanks Josh. This is such a nice way to heat a room.  I love it and so do my cats.”

-Kris, Corvallis, OR 

Getting Started

To get started, just call or send an email to Josh to schedule an initial one-hour site visit, or telephone consultation. This meeting serves as an opportunity to answer any questions you have about radiant heating and to discuss your radiant heating options such as type of installation, water heater choices, zoning, etc.

As a follow up to our first meeting you’ll receive a cost estimate for installation of a radiant heating system for your home. Next, we will draft a contract with a budget outlining the anticipated cost for each phase of the installation and a payment schedule. Invoices are due upon completion of each phase, except on larger projects, which are invoiced weekly.


Whether your radiant floor heating system is a piece of a larger project or an independent addition to your home, close communication with everyone involved in your project is of utmost importance.

If you are living in the home during construction, we recognize that our work is a disruption to your life and we aim to minimize that disruption. When other contractors are working on your remodel or if it's new construction project, we believe in a collaborative relationship where close communication with the general contractor ensures a smooth and efficient construction process.  In all cases we believe in listening to the client and insuring that they are completely satisfied with the completed radiant floor heating system.

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