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Benefits of Radiant Heat

Radiant floor heating concentrates the warmth near the floor where you and your family can benefit from it. By turning the entire floor surface area into a radiator, objects are warmed efficiently and evenly giving your home a more inviting feeling, while your furniture and other fixtures lose their chill.


Clean & Healthy
Radiant heating systems don't circulate dust and other airborne particles around the house all winter long. Similarly, radiant heat won't dry out your breathing passages like hot air systems do.

Best Investment

Radiant floor heating is a sound investment, adding to the value of your home by creating a superior living environment and a more energy efficient home. 

Energy Efficiency

High efficiency water heaters, coupled with a well insulated home, makes radiant heat the most efficient form of heat available. An effective system design by Barefoot Radiant Heating allows clients to enjoy reduced heating bills as well as a smaller carbon footprint over other conventional heating systems.


The radiant heating system is hidden under the floor – bulky duct work and inconvenient registers are eliminated.

Peace & Quiet

Enjoy a completely silent heating system without the noise of fans or blowers.

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